Sebastián Prestifilippo

Software Engineer

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I am a Software Engineer that works in the IT industry since 2010, with many years of formal and professional experience regarding various kinds of software development projects that requires strong analytical skills, project planning and programming skills and Software Design.

I enjoy working on different kinds of projects that require learning new technologies and getting involved in every aspect of the development process, from high level Architectural Design to solving complex low level functionalities.

I have also acquired a deep understanding of technology with primary focus on delivering the highest quality business solutions to clients using excellent communication skills in building strong rapport with clients and team members.

Over the years, I have acquired much experience working on a large range of projects with different challenges, both from the technical and organizational side, and helping them drive to completion and ultimately team success.

I am a proven problem-solver, able to quickly grasp complex systems and identify opportunities for improvements and resolution of critical issues.



  • Jr (junior): up to 1 year of experience

  • Ssr (semi-senior): between 1 and 3 years of experience

  • Sr (senior): more than 3 years of experience


  • Spanish (native speaker)

  • English (advanced)

    • KET & PET Exams approved

    • University Required Levels approved

    • Used daily at work


  • B.S. in Computer Engineering 2005 – 2012

(FASTA University, Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires) - Degree link

  • Computer Analyst 2005 – 2010

(FASTA University, Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires) - Degree link

  • Computer Technician 2005 – 2009

(FASTA University, Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires) - Degree link

  • Electromechanical technician 2000 – 2004

(EET N°1 College, Gral. Madariaga - Buenos Aires) - Degree link

  • Elementary school 1993 – 1999

(“Constancio C. Vigil” N°1 College, Pinamar - Buenos Aires)


121eCommerce (USA)

Magento Full Stack Developer April 2020-Current

I work for 121eCommerce LLC as a full stack developer on Magento projects. The organization is based on Cleveland (OH) and is a specialized Magento Agency with 10 years, and is a Magento Gold Partner distinguished by Adobe INC.

Common tasks done:

- Build and support eCommerce Stores (B2C and B2B) using Magento 2/Adobe Commerce

- Frontend and backend development on Magento 2

- Perform Magento version upgrades

- Migrations of old ecommerce stores done on Magento 1 to recent versions of Magento, and also between old versions of M2 to the lastests

- Build new, and also maintain existing, Magento extensions developed by the company and sold to the world

> Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, Less, Git, Composer, Grunt

> Tools used: Eclipse IDE, ElasticSearch, Apache, MySQL, Linux, Shell Scripting, Jira, GitHub

Some of the projects I've worked on:

AgileThought (ex AN Global > ex Entrepids) (Argentina/Mexico)

Software Engineer - Magento Developer - Java Developer October 2014-April 2020

I worked at Entrepids, an eCommerce organization acquired on 2019 by AN Global group (now AgileThought LLC) under a new business unit specialized in eCommerce. Entrepids was a leading developer and integrator of CRM and eCommerce software solutions.
The company was founded on 1995 with full service capabilities throughout Latin America and has recently focused on expanding operations in the US market. The company was the proprietary of PowerVentas, a B2B eCommerce software, and as a solution partner for the Magento eCommerce platform, Entrepids was positioned to deliver highly effective solutions to the enterprise market.

Some of the common tasks I've done at work:

  • Develop and support Java Web Applications for clients on USA, Mexico and Argentina. Technologies used: OracleDB, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JBoss Admin

  • Develop and support eCommerce projects done in Magento (B2C). Technologies used: MySQL, PHP5, Magento FMK, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Apache Admin, Linux Shell

  • Develop and support integrations between B2B-B2C, B2C-CRM, B2B-ERP

  • Tools used: Eclipse IDE, WAMP, JIRA, CVS, Git, SVN, SoapUI, Putty, WinSCP, SQuirreL SQL Client, Google Drive Suite

  • Java Web App projects I've worked on: DODI (CREDICOOP), EIA (CREDICOOP), PowerVentas (Entrepids-B2B)

  • Magento projects I worked on: (M1), (M1), (M1), (M2), Axalta BRL (M1-B2B), (M2), (M2)

MakingSense (Argentina)

Semi-Senior Front-end Web Developer June 2012-October 2014

MakingSense is a software development company with a team of highly qualified, experienced and certified professionals. It use a hybrid delivery model: nearshoring with a development center in Argentina, combined with on-site delivery from his office in Texas. One of the greatest strengths in this company is the focus on User Experience on every app we develop.

Projects I have worked on:

Company clients for whom I have worked:

Some of the common tasks I used to do at work:

  • HTML codification for mail & Web content.

  • Web development

  • Technologies used: HTML4, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, AJAX, REST APIs

  • Methodology used: Agile + SCRUM

  • Other skills I've learned and worked on: UI Design + UX

  • Tools used: Sublime Text, WAMP, JIRA, SVN, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Google Drive Full Suite

NexusCom (Argentina)

Java Developer August 2011-December 2011

  • Design and development of a Java Application, which acts as a Client of a Web Service for testing methods of the Core of a new version of a Product called FidelyNet, which is a Customer Loyalty System using Proximity Cards.

  • Technologies used: Java SE, Swing, XML, WebServices

Software Tester (QA) April 2011-August 2011

  • Black box Testing, Integration Test, Regression Tests, Validation Test, and bug report for the Web/Mobile/Desktop Products commercialized by Nexuscom.

  • Creation, execution and documentation of Test Cases.

  • Automatization of Test Cases.

  • Tools used: Bugzilla, dotProject, soapUI, Selenium IDE, Firebug, Android SDK, Java Wireless Toolkit CLDC, iMacros

Radio Power Pinamar (Argentina)

Back & Front End Web Developer

December 2013-March 2014

December 2010-March 2011

December 2009-March 2010

  • Designed and developed back-end for administering the content of the website and the programming of the radio station.

  • Interacted directly with the clients, analyzed their requirements and adapted the development process to fill their specific needs.

  • Designed and developed front-end using PHP, Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, Flash (ActionScript) and Mysql.

  • Designed and developed a Landing Page for

Radio Operator, Editor & Producer

December 2003-March 2004

December 2002-March 2003

December 2000-March 2001

  • I performed in positions of technical operation, editing commercials and audio artistic and as a producer of radio content.

Telpin (Argentina)

Technical Support

December 2011-March 2012

December 2010-March 2011

December 2009-March 2010

December 2008-March 2009

December 2007-March 2008

  • Telpin is a mid-size telecommunications company that operates on the coast part of Buenos Aires province.

  • On First period, I started working on Services & Installations of ADSL, and Tier 1 Support (T1/L1).

  • Then, I’ve worked in their support Call Center, doing Tier 2 Support (T2/L2) and some of Tier 3 Support (T3/L3), related to telephone lines and Internet connections. My work was focused on trying to solve client technical problems by phone, guiding them to find this problems, make tests and everything possible to avoid sending a technician to their home and solve the client's problem at that moment. If by phone there's no solution, I have to create a ticket with all the analyzed information.

  • Most relevant tasks done: DSLAM configuration, analysis over ADSL parameters results, LAN & WAN configuration.

Autoradio Raul (Argentina)

Multi-purpose Employee December 2006-March 2007

December 2005-March 2006

December 2004-March 2005

December 2002-March 2003

December 2001-March 2002

  • Autoradio Raul is a small electronics shop that sells, installs and repair electronic stuff. Mostly focused on products related to audio, TV, communication equipments, computers and security.

  • I performed in positions such as customer service, advice and sale of electronic products, car-audio installation, and other technical works related.


IBaPE Project

Software Analyst, Architect, Developer & Tester April 2011-December 2012

  • My thesis was based on a Java Desktop App that recive real-time data from a GPS and an Echo-Sounder through serial ports and makes Image Processing using Artificial Intelligence techniques to find image patterns that matches interesting shoals of fish, then saves and plot data on Google Earth that runs on a browser which listen the received data from the desktop app.

  • Technologies used:

    • Java Desktop App side: Java SE, Swing FMK, XML, SQLite, Java JAI (for Image Processing), Java APIs

    • Web App side: HTML, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Google Earth Web API

    • Others: TCP/IP Protocol, NMEA 0183 Protocol, Netbeans, SVN